Visit by the students of el “El Pilar”

It’s been almost a year since our dear friend Juan Pablo Mendez came to visit Escuela Caracol for the first time. He is a well-known Guatemalan photographer and graphic artist who is also currently teaching visual arts to a group of wonderful kids from “El Pilar” school in Quetzaltenango.

Since his first visit, Juan Pablo wanted to let everyone surrounding him know how special Escuela Caracol is and to return to our school’s facilities. Recently, the opportunity came and he arrived with his group of students.

Everything was new for this group of visiting students, used to traditional education, and that knew nothing about Waldorf Education before this journey.

They attended in pairs to each of the classrooms to observe and interact within the daily routine of the groups and received a short talk about Waldorf education, this gave them the chance to get a gplimpse of how wonderful Waldorf pedagogy is.

By the end of the journey, the common word between the visits was:


I wish I had studied at Escuela Caracol!