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– 100 years of Waldorf –

Waldorf Pedagogy can be seen as a learning approach with a system based on respecting the natural developmental stages of the human being, looking to develop the abilities and individual talents in an integral way, within an environment of freedom, full of love and respect.

The first Waldorf School was founded by Rudolf Steiner in 1919 in Stuttgart, Germany, as a branch of the Anthroposophical movement. At that time, right after the end of the World War I, Waldorf Pedagogy was seen as a possible way to transform the world into a more human place, with sensitive and more responsible people fully developed from their essence, and thus, a world of peace.

The pedagogy grew all over the world rapidly. By 1930, there were Waldorf schools in many countries of America and Europe. With the arrival of the Nazi regime, many of the Waldorf schools in Germany and the occupied countries were shut. These, except for the ones located in countries occupied by the Soviet Union, were reopened after the end of World War II.

Today, there are many Waldorf Schools all over the world, that are continuously growing in numbers as in students within their classrooms.

So, this is how in 2019 we are celebrating 100 years of the Waldorf Pedagogy. A worldwide community sharing, as bees on a hive, of this marvelous way of learning and teaching.

Within this wonderful event, we can proudly say:

“¡Caracol está presente!”

Enjoy this video made for you with deep appreciation and share it with the whole world.