Waldorf100 celebration at Escuela Caracol

Last Friday, September 27Th, students and teachers got together to have a moment for learning and celebrating the 100th anniversary of Waldorf Pedagogy. Our special guest, Thomas Wildgruber, gave some words introducing the celebration and was followed by the screening of a series of videos of our school. The experience of seeing each other projected on the screen was very special and fun for everyone.
The activity ended when everyone sang “Caracol está presente”, a song composed by our teacher Diego Sacach in commemoration for the Wadorf100.

As part of the celebration, We also had some delicious “tamales” for lunch; the “tamales” were part of a kind donation made by the Waldorf schools of Freiburg, in Germany, that got together to celebrate the Waldorf100 and had some informative and fundraising activities to help support our wonderful Escuela Caracol.

We want to especially thank our dear teacher Petra Michelle, who is always looking for ways to help our school and was the main promotor of the previously described donation.