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Artists found in our sixth-grade classroom!

A few days ago something particularly special happened at the sixth-grade classroom, a special aura could be sensed, creativity was flowing out of the room into the gardens of Escuela Caracol; inside, a group of amazing artists was creating.  Using sharp blades, sandpaper, and wood, our oldest group of kids was carving wood. Teacher Gloria Elena is the guide on this journey, she shows them how to use the blades, how to visualize the volumes and how to achieve what they might be imagining. This exercise is amazing at letting the children focus on a single task, exercise their imagination and realizing how much they can do and achieve. Look at the pictures and see how talented they are.... read more

Shorthand: Writing without the alphabet

Often, as a pedagogical resource, teachers invite experts to expose topics of great importance to the block being studied. Recently, Diego, 5th grade teacher, invited Julia, experimented secretary and shorthand expert to introduce his students to this way of writing.  Currently, they are studying dramatics, among which they are learning about script history. As a creative experiment, students created a script from scratch. They also studied hieroglyphics, glyphs, Chinese script, Hindu script (Devanagari) and Greek script. This kind of experiences helps our students develop a better view of history and to be aware of the coincidences between different civilizations and cultures.... read more

2019 student registrations.

Important information: Students re-registrations began this month, if the process is carried out during September, they will have a Caracol 2019 t-shirt as a gift. For new entries (registration of new students) registrations will begin in October. More information by calling 58831609 or at Escuela Caracol... read more

August Bulletin

We have our August bulletin ready to download! just click on the link and enjoy all the news from Escuela Caracol. Escuela Caracol bulletin, August 2018 Boletín Escuela Caracol, Agosto de... read more

Psicology students from Rafael Landivar University visit Escuela Caracol

On June, the 27th, we had the visit of a group of psychology students from Rafael Landivar University, they came escorted by Msc. Fabiola Hurtado, Coordinator of the Landivarian Center of Psychology (Centro Landivariano de Psicología). Within their visit, they had a tour on our school, observed the pedagogical process on classrooms and received a conference where they learned about Waldorf pedagogy, the importance of the first two septenniums in human development, and an exposition of students handworks. The main subject of interest studied during the visit was how alternative ways of education can avoid learning issues, frustration and learning rejection from... read more

Fairy Tales:

Fairy tales are one of the preferred activities of kindergarten students, they are told four times, students participate in all of them in different ways.

read more

Letter from a visitor

Letter from a Visitor It is a unique experience to arrive at your home as a visitor. That’s in many ways what it feels like for me and my daughter, Mirabai, to come for a short visit during our spring break vacation. We were both rather nervous as we entered the front gate of Escuela Caracol, but the shouting of our names from across the garden and the warm hugs quickly put us at ease. Mirabai joined her class almost as if she had never left. They welcomed her like family. For those who know the school but who have not visited recently, I am thrilled to report that this little school with a big heart is filled with shining faces and vitality. It is still “the school where the students are happy;” it is still la Familia Caracol. After our family’s departure last July, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect on this visit. What I found is a school that is vibrant yet grounded. I was struck by how human and authentic it feels, even as it is teeming with diversity — of language, culture, ways of seeing the world. It is such a stark contrast from the typical North American experience. Something special, something magical is slow-cooking at Escuela Caracol. The day I arrived the students were preparing a song, “El Nuevo Dia,” (the new day) to perform the following Saturday in town. After that rehearsal, the fifth and sixth grades practiced guitar outside under the shade of some trees. Meanwhile the pedagogical director was in the kitchen preparing chocolate for an activity with that same... read more

A night with the moon and the stars.

On Friday, august the third, as a part of the Astronomy block, the sixth grade group had a beautiful gathering called “A night with the moon and the stars”, this, to observe the changes in the sky during sunset and sunrise. This type of activities complements the learning experience, exceeding the academical subjects and looking for the integral growth of our students. ... read more

Eurythmic experts visits Escuela Caracol

Eurythmics is one of the main subjects Rudolf Steiner suggested as a part of the regular education every person should cultivate. Escuela Caracol had the visit of two expert eurythmists, Siebe Martínez Bloembergen and Ruth Bloembergen Martínez.  Between 2010 and 2011, Siebe and Ruth studied a Bachelor in Pedagogical Eurythmics as a Social Eurythmics Program in La Haye (Netherlands), Lugano (Switzerland), Nant-y-cum (Wales) y Sekem (Egypt) and have been working eurythmics together since. Currently they live in El Salvador and work at the “Escuela Nacional de Danza” with children, teenagers and teachers from public schools; they also work an anthroposophy project at “Tutunichappa IV” community. They arrived to Escuela Caracol on July the 30th and stayed for almost a week, sharing all their knowledge with teachers, students and rest of the community.  During their visit, they worked independently with each of the school grades; they also gave an introductory workshop on eurythmics to teachers and community members. As a final activity and present to Escuela Caracol, our rhythmic friends prepared and produced the play “sleeping beauty from the forest” by the Grimm brothers; Siebe was in charge of musicalization and special effects; Ruth directed the play, and all of the first grade students played the roles. This was performed at la Palapa with the whole school as an... read more

Flute delivery act

Recently, the “flute delivery act” took place in the first grade classroom, during this activity children were given their first pentatonic flute. Diego, their teacher, indicates that the flute gets to become a friend for children, and that, at a pedagogical level, it is a great tool to develop movement coordination, rhythm and memory. For the children, receiving their first flute is an unforgettable memory, for being a personal gift and the first melodic instrument they’ll ever... read more

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