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September bulletin is finally here!

  K’ow friends from around the world! After a few days struggling, the second number of our monthly bulletin is finally here, it brings a lot of news from what have been happening at Escuela Caracol. We hope from the bottom of our hearts you enjoy reading it and watching the pictures as much as we enjoyed watching the kids growing and having such good times. caracol boletin sept 2018 eng  — K’ow is a word in Kakchikel language that means “Is anybody home?”, It can be used to say “Hello”. —      ... read more

Test of Courage

  As part of the celebrations of Michael the students had two days for performing the “proofs of courage”. On September 27 it was the turn of the boys and girls of first, second, and third grade. They made an exciting journey worthy of an adventure novel, in which they had to navigate an obstacle course made with tables and chairs to demonstrate their courage. The following day it was the turn of the fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students. The level of difficulty and danger was greater for these students as they had to walk a tightrope with only the help of two poles for balance. They supported their own weight as they crossed a rope of several meters over a pool of mud. The importance of these challenges is that the children feel valued and courageous, feelings that will help them in the future to overcome difficulties that arise in their paths and to experience the feeling of “I can!”. It was an amazing and very fun day; all the boys and girls did an incredible job on their challenges. We are proud of the courage of our... read more

Escuela Caracol was part of the independence parade.

On September the 15th, our students participated from the municipal independence parade, they got prepared with handmade posters with civic messages that expressed their feelings and thoughts about current events. They walked happily all over the town among the students from all the other schools in San Marcos. At the end of the parade, our musicians from “Flor de Jocote II” played many melodies for the general audience at the Central Park.... read more

Viva Caracol!

During September’s last weekend, we had our first “Viva Caracol”, a day in which our team shared their expertise which teachers and members of Panajachel community. The activity took place  in “Casa de Arte”, three workshops focused on first learning, language and math were imparted.  ... read more

Escuela Caracol students develop their artistic vein.

During September, an extracurricular painting group was formed. It was guided by our dear Lucía (school mother), Santiago (substitute teacher), Andrea (sixth-grade teacher) and Maria Eugenia (school administrator); they taught our children some really cool acrylic techniques. The paintings were exposed during “Viva Caracol” in Panajachel and enjoyed by all the... read more

The magic of handcrafts.

The experience acquired as a handcrafts teacher for the last 8 years lets me affirm that by working with their hands, children transform conventional materials like threads into more complex objects (animals, bags, socks, among other things), and do a lot more than just occupy their time doing something “useful”, it is a therapeutic activity that fills children with joy that can’t be explained. But there is a lot more to tell… Steiner said: Criteria comes from imaginative forces, working through the heart. It is not the head by itself but the whole human being that shapes criteria. Just think about how many senses are used when working on handcrafts –sight, touch, movement, balance, among many others–. Senses receive many impressions from the world and unite to form criteria. Our hands take us to a deeper and closer relationship with the world and, therefore, to a higher understanding of humanity. Manualidades y Artesanías (Hauck, 1968). For this and many other reasons, handicrafts are a “must” in every classroom, above all at these times of human development (ages 7 to 12) where technology has occupied many moments and spaces of childhood. In any case, we must be careful about what types of manual activities to perform. It’s quite common to find publications on all kinds of media about handcrafts workshops for children that are basically on cutting, folding and pasting paper, cardboard, fabrics, or even materials that are very harmful both to the child’s health and nature. We should ask ourselves: “Are these really the kinds of handcrafts that should be accompanying the child’s development between 7 and 12 years... read more

Michael, celebration of the powerful will

Escuela Caracol was born as a Micaelic impulse of a young couple filled with “initiative and inner vigor”; at the present time, it keeps growing in the hands of a group of young teachers that look to offer this new pedagogical alternative to our and nearby towns, with the strength left by their momentum and their own successes. Last Sunday, a celestial revelation appeared in the San Marcos la Laguna sky – it was the day designated to celebrate the archangel Michael – as an announcement of the festivity to come. Now this revelation which appeared on his day shows us the opening of a snail (spiral) that expands brilliantly in the sky, and “as in the skies, also on earth”. The meaning behind these festivities is exposed in the forcefulness with which the image portrays the balancing scale between compassion and steadiness on one side and the iron sword of truth on the other. Scale and sword have to live on in the imagination in the daily chores of a school that fights against laziness, fear, distrust, and intolerance; and that looks for the strength to keep developing towards initiative, creativity, and healthy coexistence. The process of preparation for the small proofs of courage that the children experience attracts to the school, in the form of willpower, the grace that it brings to each of them, which is expressed in a force of will which is free, strong, and brave, and thus Michael ́s scale opens as a generous and protective cloth, and the iron of his sword glows in the blood of our school and screams: here... read more

Artists found in our sixth-grade classroom!

A few days ago something particularly special happened at the sixth-grade classroom, a special aura could be sensed, creativity was flowing out of the room into the gardens of Escuela Caracol; inside, a group of amazing artists was creating.  Using sharp blades, sandpaper, and wood, our oldest group of kids was carving wood. Teacher Gloria Elena is the guide on this journey, she shows them how to use the blades, how to visualize the volumes and how to achieve what they might be imagining. This exercise is amazing at letting the children focus on a single task, exercise their imagination and realizing how much they can do and achieve. Look at the pictures and see how talented they are.... read more

Shorthand: Writing without the alphabet

Often, as a pedagogical resource, teachers invite experts to expose topics of great importance to the block being studied. Recently, Diego, 5th grade teacher, invited Julia, experimented secretary and shorthand expert to introduce his students to this way of writing.  Currently, they are studying dramatics, among which they are learning about script history. As a creative experiment, students created a script from scratch. They also studied hieroglyphics, glyphs, Chinese script, Hindu script (Devanagari) and Greek script. This kind of experiences helps our students develop a better view of history and to be aware of the coincidences between different civilizations and cultures.... read more

2019 student registrations.

Important information: Students re-registrations began this month, if the process is carried out during September, they will have a Caracol 2019 t-shirt as a gift. For new entries (registration of new students) registrations will begin in October. More information by calling 58831609 or at Escuela Caracol... read more

August Bulletin

We have our August bulletin ready to download! just click on the link and enjoy all the news from Escuela Caracol. Escuela Caracol bulletin, August 2018 Boletín Escuela Caracol, Agosto de... read more

Psicology students from Rafael Landivar University visit Escuela Caracol

On June, the 27th, we had the visit of a group of psychology students from Rafael Landivar University, they came escorted by Msc. Fabiola Hurtado, Coordinator of the Landivarian Center of Psychology (Centro Landivariano de Psicología). Within their visit, they had a tour on our school, observed the pedagogical process on classrooms and received a conference where they learned about Waldorf pedagogy, the importance of the first two septenniums in human development, and an exposition of students handworks. The main subject of interest studied during the visit was how alternative ways of education can avoid learning issues, frustration and learning rejection from... read more

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