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Hunting Easter eggs

There are special seasons that, for their pedagogical value, deserve to be celebrated. That’s the case with the Easter, a season that represents the beginning of a new cycle, how something ends and can start from scratch. On the morning of the 23d of April, all of our students got a special surprise from their teachers, they prepared, the day before, a pack of Easter eggs for their students to hunt. While everyone was at their own classrooms, our dear Enrique hid all the eggs on the garden so all the children could go straight to look for them once the lunch break came. Faces of joy and excitement filled the gardens of our school once the first eggs started showing up, the frenzy invaded trails and plant-beds while all the children revolved leaves and branches on the look for such delicious treasures. What a nice experiences for everyone at school to see children laughing and enjoying this... read more

We don’t need to leave the classroom to travel.

Our sixth-grade students are currently studying geography. They have been traveling through South America with the guidance of Diego, their teacher, he has taken them to know the traditions, political organization, geography, touristic spots and landmarks, nature, among other quite important information. The lesson begins when Diego, aided with the blackboard and chalk illustrations, tells the students general information about the country being studied on that specific date. They continue by copying all the elements presented on the blackboard into their notebooks, these will become their guide-books to study and review what has been studied in the classroom. After finishing copying, a discussion on the subject happens, at this time, the students have the chance to tell their own experiences or thoughts regarding the subject studied. It could be resumed like this: first they get the input on a new subject by listening to their teacher and watching the blackboard arts, second: they copy the illustrations and texts made by the teacher on the blackboard, third: they discuss the subject and make the new information acquired part of their own living experience. This is how teachers get students to really learn and comprehend their classroom subjects, keeping the students interested and eager to learn... read more

Sharing chocolate and bread as a great family.

The relation between everyone here at Escuela Caracol surpasses the cordiality, it reaches a deeper ground where it can be called family. On the last day before the “Holy Week”, our caracolitos celebrated the local tradition of sharing chocolate, bread and honey. The students from sixth grade visited the first graders; the fifth graders visited teacher Sandra’s kindergarten group; the fourth grade caracolitos shared with the third graders; and, teacher Maribel’s kindergarten group visited the second grade classroom. Our students shared stories, songs, games, bread and the delicious chocolate our dear Teresa prepared for all of us. Taking advantage of its intercultural characteristics, Escuela Caracol promotes the cultural exchange between students.  We are much more than a group of people sharing a common interest, we are a family building... read more

Pizza & fractions

One of the most ussual comments among children attending school is about how difficult or boring maths can be. Surprise! That’s not the case at all at Escuela Caracol. Continue reading and you’ll see why we can assure this. Our fourth graders are a group of wild kids, they all love running, climbing on trees, treasure hunting on the garden, we’ll, you can complete the image. They are anything but quiet, silent, boring children. This grade is currently studying Fractions on their math block. You may ask, how could a teacher keep a group like that interested in such a difficult subject? Easy, by making and doing while learning.  As one of their final exercises they cooked two pizzas with the main goal of learning fractions while having a good time. They didn’t even notice the moment where they learned to make the toughest operations for someone their age. As they where mixing the ingredients, slicing the red peppers, or cutting the pizza slizes they where in fact learning math, this was explained during and after the activities by teacher Nacho. On this activities they have the chance of learning more than just a subject, they can develop will, concentration, social skills, cooking, math; and the best part of it is that they have great times that keeps them interested on the subjects and happy to return to school the day... read more

Do you know the numbers?

Our lovely first graders are learning so much while studying their math block, number by number, comprehending the meaning of each and not only memorizing the names and the shapes. We are so proud of them! Do you know the numbers? you may ask, the answer is simple, yes I do!Can you write the numbers? you may ask, the answer is quite simple, of course, I can! Following the teacher’s directions, copying the traces made on the blackboard we learn and exercise the way to express quantities and numbers. The number one, made of two straight traces; The number two, of one straight and one curved line;Number three comes out of two small arches that look like twin rainbows standing up. Do you know the numbers? you may ask, the answer is simple, yes I do!Can you write the numbers? you may ask, the answer is quite simple, of course, I can! Number four, made of three straight lines, the one standing is really tall, and the other two are: one inclined to the left and one horizontal;The five is more complicated, two straight lines, one vertical and one horizontal, accompanied by a half-circle on the base;The six is the funniest one, it looks like a spiral, just like the one on the shell of a snail. Do you know the numbers? you may ask, the answer is simple, yes I can!Can you write the numbers? you may ask, the answer is quite simple, of course, I can! The seven looks a lot like the number one, but it means six figures grater, if you draw the number one... read more

Kindergarten’s first adventure outside the school

As a part of the children formation, our kindergarten students take weekly walks on the school gardens. These walks are really useful when developing social skills, will, physical abilities, observation capabilities, among many others. Along with some of the student’s mothers, our kindergarten students had their year’s first walk outside the school. Teacher Sandra’s group visited the home of two of our beloved caracolitos, Bjorn and Bertril, they all had an amazing picnic and playtime at the gardens of the Pineda family’s house. Teacher Maribel’s group went on a walk on the mountain’s forest behind the school, they had the chance to observe lots of beautiful plants and animals they found on their way. They all had incredible times that can be reflected on the way the happily apply what they experienced to their playtime activities. We continue giving our best effort to give our children the tools to become integral human beings by nurturing their heads, hearts, and hands. Photos by teacher Sandra... read more

Reflections for Escuela Caracol

Hello dear friends of Escuela Caracol, I have been home for more than a month and finally I can speak about my experiences as a volunteer for 5 weeks at Kinder Caracol just as the new school year began. I knew it would be a special opportunity to return to a Waldorf classroom, to observe the opening of school, the welcoming of new children experiencing school for the first time. I did not know what a profoundly healing and life changing experience it would be for me personally. I got in touch with Life itself, with each living plant and each human being and the sacredness of all of our relationships. These lines from John O’Donahue’s poem ‘In Celebration” capture much of my experience: “Now is the time to free the heart/Let all intentions and worries stop/Free the joy inside the self/Awaken to the wonder of your life. Open your eyes and see the friends/Whose hearts recognize your face as kin/Those whose kindness watchful and near/Encourages you to live everything here.” This is what your school offered me. This is what the children experience everyday. There is love and warmth in all that you do. It was magical for me to stand as a colleague in the spiral labyrinth every morning in a circle of dedicated teachers sharing Steiner’s verses. It was transforming for me to be greeted every morning with such love and respect. And then my heart filled with joy as I observed Maestra Maribel and Maestra Sandra greet each children every day with such reverence, love and honor. I saw even the most scared children on... read more

Movimiento Caracol 2019, so happy together!

Last March the 30th we celebrated the third edition of Movimiento Caracol, an activity that gathered students, teachers, families, and friends on the same place and for the same reason, build community and support the scholarships program of Escuela Caracol. Everything began at 8 am when teachers and some volunteers got together at the town’s “Concha Acustica” to get everything ready for what was going to happen that same day during the afternoon. Soundchecks, a huge sign, electricity, tables, fire lamps, and joy flooded the whole area, everyone seemed eager to give their best effort to make this “Movimiento Caracol” an event to remember. The show began at 2 pm, the first number of the program had our Caracolitos as stars, whom along with their teachers, they presented a beautiful choreography as a gift to everyone attending (you can see a small video of this on our facebook fan page), after that, the whole thing ran smoothly, music, circus, magic, clowning, our raffle and the auction of three amazing paintings made by our Gardening teacher, Santiago; our pedagogical advisor, Gloria Elena; and one painted on location during the activity by our beloved friend Rolando. All the families got organized to bring delicious dishes: pulique, fried chicken, chuchitos, vegan pizza, cakes, popcorn, drinks, hamburgers, tamales, and many many other delightful meals. The raffle gave incredible prizes; stayings at fancy hotels, organic products, clothing, and many more. All of them were donated by kind friends that disinterestedly gave us all of this with nothing on their minds but to help the school. In the end, between the raffle, the food, the... read more

Amaya, thank you for shining!

Amaya came to Escuela Caracol filled with enthusiasm and joy, like a breath of fresh air and pure energy. She grew in a home deeply influenced by the anthroposophical precepts, in which both parents are well-known teachers from the Mexican Waldorf Community. We were lucky enough to count with her help during a period of time between February and March, time enough to realize how creative and sensitive she is.  Amaya proved to be a person motivated by a strong vocation and to have a spirit of service that makes her shine, during her visit she irradiated all the trails, gardens and classrooms of Escuela Caracol.  Everyone at Escuela Caracol wishes you the best, may the trail of high education be a complement of the luminous being you already are. Our doors will always be open to you and your family, we hope to have you all back here... read more

An incredible trip to India

Fifth-grade students enjoyed a great talk by their teacher Carmen. She spoke about India and gave them a glimpse of its history, traditions, geography, and customs. Using their teachers’ voice and tales as the vehicle and their imagination as a window, our “Caracolitos” traveled to this marvelous country. “Being told” and “experiencing” are quite different perspectives to learn about a subject; our teachers and tutors usually follow the second one, letting our “Caracolitos” learn by living the assignments as adventures. On this opportunity, teacher Carmen decorated the classroom and wore clothings according to Indian culture to teach the... read more

Sepé, the traveling adventurer.

Not many children have the chance to share daily with someone who already traveled through all the countries of Latin-America; our students, especially the fifth graders do; they share every day with a warm-hearted traveler and naturally born adventurer, their classmate, Sepé Neves Correa. Sepé was born on August 2nd, 2009, in Canelones, Uruguay, and has been traveling with Cecilia, his mother, since he was one year old. Sepé has lived many incredible adventures, like facing a shark in Punta del Diablo, Uruguay, or watching anacondas, Crocodiles, and piranhas at the Brasilian Amazonas. On 2018, Sepé and his mom got to San Marcos la Laguna after being for some time in Mexico. Since then, he has been a part of our family at Escuela Caracol. Thank you for all your anecdotes and stories, dear... read more

Anderson and his radishes.

Anderson is a kid born and raised in San Marcos la Laguna, currently on third grade. Usually, you can see him running, jumping, playing ball or chatting with his friends but you will never see him still and focused on a quiet chore.  A few days ago he came running into the office all thrilled and excited, something incredible had happened: the seeds he had sown on the school’s orchard one month ago grew and became delicious radishes. He wanted to share his joy with everyone and to have some pictures taken to be shared through the school’s social media.  We are so lucky to have a magical place like Escuela Caracol, a place where children learn from doing and making and have the chance to express freely.  During the journeys at the garden and the orchard, children learn from nature and grow a deep relation with their environment, finding by themselves, following the guidance of teachers and tutors, the tools to become conscious and kind human... read more

More than a school.

Escuela Caracol is more than a school, is the place where we bond as a community. Last Saturday a group of parents got together at the kindergarten surrounding fields to work on a special project; a group of tunnels for our children to live their dreams while playing. All the people involved by any means with Escuela Caracol, including teachers, students, volunteers, staff, friends, neighbors, families, Etc., belong to a special group we like to call “Familia... read more

The loveliest visit.

Really often we get visitors that can fill the whole school with light; a few weeks ago we got the visit of maestra Caro, a peaceful soul that shared great moments with everybody at Escuela Caracol, Specially with the kindergarten group. Thank you dear Caro for sharing your light with us, we hope to have you back here soon. You will remain in our minds and hearts as a special part of our family at Escuela... read more

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