And this is where plants come from!

To know and understand the way the natural cycles work is a basic part of becoming a fully developed human being.

Recently, both of our kindergarten groups shared a small frame of land with the purpose of planting seeds. The land was previously prepared by Chico, the head gardener of our school; it was with his guide, that the students learned where and how to perform this task.

Planting seeds is an excellent exercise to develop some of the multiple dimensions of the students: 

– It lets the children experiment interest in taking care of something they are responsible for. 

– It is the first part of a cycle where the students will witness the cycle of life of a plant, meanwhile developing their will, patience, and concentration as they have to follow specific and concrete instructions.

– It is an exercise that lets students get in touch with the soil, rocks, small bugs, and plants while growing their sensitivity, appreciation, and respect for nature. 

During this journey,  our kindergarten students learned about natural cycles, they developed their patience and responsibility, they also exercised their motor skills and touch.

How could you not love this little caracolitos?