Professor Dr. Christoph Jaffke visit Escuela Caracol


This week we had the honor of receiving Professor Dr. Christoph Jaffke, which has seen our classes, accompanied and guided our teachers and conducted two workshops:

Teaching English to Children 6 to 11 years: A Holistic and Innovative Approach

Dr. Jaffke has been a Waldorf teacher since 1967 and trained teachers since 1975. The city of Stuttgart, Germany, is a very important venue for this pedagogy. The first Waldorf school was born there almost 100 years ago. In Stuttgart Dr. Jaffke began a series of publications for English teachers while working on a training program for Waldorf teachers. Then he co-founded a Waldorf school in the same city.

Dr. Jaffke has worked as a mentor of English teachers in several countries, including Germany, Malaysia, Japan, China, India and Colombia. In his thesis (University of Hiroshima, Japan) he published an innovative and holistic approach to teaching English to children of primary age (6-11).

We are greatly honored by the presence of Dr. Jaffke, whose teachings have profoundly marked us and allow us to continue growing as an educational model at the service of Guatemalan children. We hope he can come back and visit us soon!